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Actress Sheena Shahabadi

Sheena Shahabadi was born on 10 April 1986, is an Indian film actress. Sheena Shahabadi first film role was starring in the film Teree Sang (2009). Sheena Shahabadi is the daughter of the actress, Sadhana Singh. She became interested in acting because of her mother’s work.Sheena Shahabadi was formerly married to Vaibhav Mohite.

Sheena Shahabadi began modeling after completing her education. She was chosen out of around 500 girls to play the role of “Mahi” in Tere Sang. Sheena Shahabadi then went on to appear in a few Telugu and Kannada films before returning to Bollywood in I, Me Aur Main.She continues to shoot for a couple more Telugu films. One of her most recent Bollywood films include Raqt, in which Sheena plays an obsessive adopted daughter who is strangely possessive about her mother that she is willing to do anything. Personal Life

Sheena Shahabadi was married to policeman’s son Vaibhav Mohite whom she has divorced, claiming her marriage to be the “biggest blunder” of her life Sheena Shahabadi claims that the acting course she took before beginning her career helped her discover herself. Sheena’s role model and life mentor is her mother, who has always been there and supported her in major life instances. To portray the role of “Mahi” effectively in Tere Sang, Sheena states that she had to purposely keep herself tensed and tired in real life in order to mirror those effects on camera.

Sheena Shahabadi believes her biggest strengths in acting to be her obsessive nature and says that she can perform obsessive and romantic emotional roles effortlessly.Sheena Shahabadi learned dancing from the renowned Shiamak Davar and Ganesh Acharya.

Sheena Shahabadi
Born 10 April 1986 (age 29)
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present


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